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Stertil-Koni, is the undisputed #1 leader in advanced, safe and dependable heavy duty vehicle lifting systems. From bus lifts to truck lifts, we do it all. Our world-class product range includes award-winning mobile column lifts and inground lifts – including piston lifts and scissor lifts – as well as 2-post lifts, 4-post lifts, platform lifts and more.

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Stertil-Koni Dominates Fleet Maintenance Vehicle Lift Guide

Stertil-Koni has fought its way to the cover of the Vehicle Lift Guide, a major supplement to Fleet Maintenance, PTEN, and Vehicle Service Pros.

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Stertil-Koni Heavy Duty Bus Lift Piston DIAMONDLIFT

New from Stertil-Koni: Multipurpose Adapters

Add versatility to your heavy duty vehicle lifting. Designed to allow front/rear lifting with just two Mobile Column Lifts, multipurpose adapters are the wheels-free lifting solution for a wide range of vehicles. 

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Stertil-Koni Heavy Duty Bus Lift Piston DIAMONDLIFT

NASPO ValuePoint Contract Awarded

Stertil-Koni has been awarded the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) ValuePoint Master Agreement for Vehicle Lifts and Garage Associated Equipment. Read more

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Stertil-Koni Heavy Duty Bus Lift Piston DIAMONDLIFT

New Volvo Trucks Customer Center Opens at the New River Valley Plant

Volvo Trucks North America recently celebrated the opening of its new Volvo Trucks Customer Center at its New River Valley (NRV) facility. Built to showcase Volvo products, innovations and the brand in a dynamic way to engage visitors, the Volvo Trucks Customer Center utilizes a Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT.

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Stertil-Koni Heavy Duty Bus Lift Piston DIAMONDLIFT

Stertil-Koni eBook: Safe Operation of Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifts

Peter Bowers, technical sales support manager for Stertil-Koni, spoke with BUSRide Maintenance about heavy-duty vehicle lifts – their safe operation, choosing the right lift, certification pitfalls, and future developments.

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Stertil-Koni Heavy Duty Bus Lift Piston DIAMONDLIFT

Continuous Recess: A First for North American Piston Lifts

In an innovative breakthrough, Stertil-Koni engineers have redesigned inground piston lifting with the release of Continuous Recess for DIAMONDLIFT. The movable lifting bolster remains flush with the floor along its entire travel path, easing lifting of all low-clearance HD vehicles.

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Stertil-Koni Heavy Duty Bus Lift Piston DIAMONDLIFT

Commercial Truck and School Bus Repair Shop Goes "Mobile" with Stertil-Koni

J&J Miles, a Freeport New York-based commercial truck and school bus inspection, repair and service facility – as well as extensive tire center – knows a thing or two about how to run a successful operation, particularly after more than nine decades in business.

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Stertil-Koni Heavy Duty Bus Lift Piston DIAMONDLIFT

How Stertil-Koni Lifts Service a Fleet of Automated Guided Vehicles

Check out how a set of four Stertil-Koni 1130 Mobile Column Lifts with a combined lifting capacity of 116,000 lbs. are changing the way Long Beach Container Terminal Corporation services its fleet of Automated Guided Vehicles – capacity 70 tons each.

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Stertil-Koni Heavy Duty Bus Lift Piston DIAMONDLIFT

Why Severe Weather and Larger Vehicles are Reshaping Utility Fleet Operations

The escalation in severe weather across the country, coupled with the use of larger commercial vehicles has compelled many utility fleet operations to include Stertil-Koni vehicle lifts as a key component in their maintenance shops.

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Stertil-Koni Heavy Duty Bus Lift Piston DIAMONDLIFT

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Boyer brings nearly three decades of client-focused sales management, business development and customer service experience to this key Stertil-Koni role. Read more

To raise additional funds for collision repair education programs nationwide, CREF is collaborating with industry partners to offer one-of-a-kind experiences. Read more

Stertil-Koni Mobile Column Lifts for Construction Equipment

Stertil-Koni Mobile Column Lifts


Our hydraulic mobile column lifts are indeed mobile with a powerful mechanical locking system for added safety and performance.  video