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Mobile Column Lifts

Mobile Column Lifts from Stertil-Koni allow you to safely lift a wide range of HD vehicles quickly and efficiently. From delivery vans and pumper trucks to school buses and fire engines, from agricultural vehicles and airport tugs to class 8 tractor trailers and utility trucks, we lift them all. Lifting capacities range from 14,000 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. per column.

Check out the full line of Stertil-Koni heavy duty hydraulic vehicle lifts!

  • Available in Wireless, Cabled and EARTHLIFT models
  • Rapid lifting and lowering every time
  • Maximum strength with high tensile DOMEX steel
  • Full-color touch screen controls on all models
  • Super safe mechanical locking system as standard
  • Overload protection and synchronization as standard
  • Adjustable pick-up forks


ModelST 1064ST 1065ST 1075ST 1085ST 1100ST 1130ST 1175
Lifting capacity14,000lbs. 14,500lbs. 16,500lbs. 18,500lbs. 22,000lbs. 29,000lbs.40,000lbs.
Lift systemHydraulicHydraulic HydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Lifting height73 in73 in73 in73 in73 in81 in81 in
Lifting time75 sec75 sec94 sec94 sec215 sec215 sec
Column height97 in97 in97 in97 in97 in132 in132 in
Lifting capacity14,000lbs. Lift systemHydraulicLifting height73 inLifting time75 secColumn height97 inBrochure
Lifting capacity14,500lbs. Lifting systemHydraulic Lifting height73 inLifting timeColumn height97 inBrochure
Lifting capacity16,500lbs. Lift systemHydraulicLifting height73 inLifting time75 secColumn height97 inBrochure
Lifting capacity18,500lbs. Lift systemHydraulicLifting height73 inLifting time94 secColumn height97 inBrochure
Lifting capacity22,000lbs. Lift systemHydraulicLifting height73 inLifting time94 secColumn height97 inBrochure
Lifting Capacity29,000lbs.Lift SystemHydraulicLifting Height81 inLifting Time215 secColumn Height132 inBrochure
Lifting capacity40,000lbs. Lift systemHydraulicLifting height81 inLifting time215 secColumn height132 inBrochure

Stertil-Koni Mobile Column Lifts Are Truly Portable.

Stertil-Koni mobile column vehicle lifts really are ‘mobile’ and very easy to move around with the synthetic wheels and hydraulic pallet truck mechanism with the patented overload protection.

Less workshop floor damage due to the Stertil-Koni retractable wheels which prevent high point loading reducing the surface pressure by a factor 10.

Stertil-Koni Heavy Duty Portable Mobile Column Lifts

Fast lifting and lowering

The Stertil-Koni Mobile Column Vehicle Lifts reach their maximum height of 73 inches in just 94 seconds, making them one of the fastest column lifts in the world

Adjustable lowering speed

Do you want to lower the vehicle more slowly for precise positioning of under carriage components? This is easily done via the interactive Stertil-Koni ebright Smart Control system at the touch of the screen.


Connect up to 32 columns in a single set – all with no interconnecting cables and no tripping hazards.  Setup is fast, safe and secure.  Plus, enjoy a multi master system on each column with great programmable features.


Meet the first hydraulic GREEN mobile column lift.  Columns are made from 98% recyclable materials and the Active Energy Retrieval Systems allows you to achieve 35% more lifting cycles at maximum load.


Cabled Mobile Column Lifts from Stertil-Koni showcase the best in heavy duty hydraulic lifting technology at a very affordable price point. This setup offers the possibility to connect up to 28 columns in a single lift set. All interconnection cables are equipped with heavy-duty plugs at both end.

  • Wireless
  • Cabled

Choice of Control

For operating the mobile column lifts, Stertil-Koni offers a choice of two control systems:

  • Wireless, ebright Smart Control System (FWA)            
  • Cabled Superior Control (FSA)

Wireless Mobile Column Lifts

The special deep cycle batteries only need to be recharged every two weeks. No time is wasted connecting up cables and the mechanic has maximum access to the vehicle, without any tripping hazard.

The wireless mobile columns are easy to charge by means of a 230 V wall-mounted socket. Cabled columns lifts operate from a standard 400 V supply with other voltages available. Contact us now to learn more about the ebright Smart Control System

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… or cabled, it’s up to you

If you predominantly work in a fixed location the cabled mobile column lifts may work out to be the best solution for you. Same as for the Wireless Mobile Column Lifts, this set up also offers the possibility to connect up to 32 columns in a single configuration.

The cabled versions also have a lifting capacity of 6.5 tons up to 17.5 tons per column, respectively. Extra strong drive-over cables are optionally available for these cabled column lifts. All interconnection cables are equipped with heavy-duty plugs at both ends.

Three models

Wireless Mobile Column Lifts: No external power source is required, no interconnecting cables necessary and hence no risk of tripping - all with minimal set up time.

EARTHLIFT: The first hydraulic GREEN mobile column lift in the industry. The Active Energy Retrieval System (AERS) allows 35% more lifting cycles. 

Cabled Mobile Column Lifts: Utilizes building power, voltage range from 220 VAC-single phase, to 208 - 575 VAC-three phase, all at a more economical price point.

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