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05/03/2021 | 2021

Get Up To Speed

Our ebright Smart Control System features built-in speed controls for maximum flexibility and performance... Read more

04/30/2021 | 2021

We Have Liftoff!

As the economy takes off, airlines are doing the same. Read more

04/20/2021 | 2021

Stertil-Koni Cameo in President Biden Infrastructure Event

Stertil-Koni, proud partner to Proterra, made a cameo debut in a recent presentation by President Biden... Read more

04/14/2021 | 2021

Train for Success: Benefits of Continuous Learning

At Stertil-Koni, we take our top rating in the heavy duty vehicle lift sector to a new level of performance by adding a key ingredient: continuous learning Read more

04/08/2021 | 2021

Welcome, Amelia and Greg!

The Stertil-Koni team has grown by two, with the addition of new faces in the Operations department. Read more