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Stertil-Koni New Distributor Bolduc Mechanical Services
10/12/2021 | 2021

Welcome, Bolduc Mechanical Services

Stertil-Koni today announced that it has expanded its network of exclusive distributors across North America with the addition of Bolduc Mechanical Services, a highly experienced vehicle lift distributor, installer and service expert. Read more

Stertil-Koni Platform SKYLIFT raising EV bus
09/21/2021 | 2021

Nation’s Largest EV School Bus Fleet Selects Stertil-Koni

The Twin Rivers Unified School District, educational home to more than 27,000 students in northern Sacramento, is going to the top of the class in the increasingly dynamic subject of green, eco-friendly alternatives for pupil transportation. Read more

Stertil-Koni Jacking Beams on platform SKYLIFT
09/08/2021 | 2021

Jacking Beams Enable Wheels-Free Lifting on Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT

For vehicle maintenance shops looking for even more lifting power from the Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT, Jacking Beams are increasingly providing the solution... Read more

The Stertil Group $7.5 Million Expansion
08/25/2021 | 2021

The Stertil Group Announces $7.5MM Expansion of Global HQ

The Stertil Group B.V., based in Kootstertille, The Netherlands, is underway with the next phase in a multi-million investment programme... Read more

08/10/2021 | 2021

Stertil-Koni Floor Pit Jacks Deliver Safe Lifting in Pits

The Stertil-Koni Floor Pit Jack heightened level of safe and durable lifting in workshops across North America currently using below-floor concrete pits. Read more

07/20/2021 | 2021

Stertil-Koni's 7 Steps to Safe, Efficient Vehicle Lifting

Ensuring a safe working environment is always a sound investment that pays dividends daily. Read more

07/01/2021 | 2021

Indiana Automotive Equipment Fully Transitions to New Ownership

Indiana Automotive Equipment, a full-line sales/service company for the light and heavy duty automotive industry, has fully transitioned leadership to... Read more

Glenn Orn, Northeast Regional Sales Manager for Stertil-Koni heavy duty vehicle lifts
06/29/2021 | 2021

Stertil-Koni Names Glenn Orn Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Stertil-Koni, the leader in heavy duty vehicle lifting systems serving transit agencies, corporate fleets, municipalities, state agencies, the U.S. Military and private business sectors across North America, today announced that Glenn Orn has joined the company in the newly created post of Northeast Regional Sales Manager. Read more

Stertil-Koni Continuous Training
06/22/2021 | 2021

Stertil-Koni Increases Investment in Culture of Learning

In an era of heightened competition, tightening margins and growing customer requirements, a leading player in the heavy duty vehicle lift sector has determined that the key to success lies is one crucial area – more spending. Read more

Stertil-Koni Single Stage 25-1 Air Over Hydraulic Jack
06/02/2021 | 2021

Stertil-Koni Debuts Five New Air Over Hydraulic Jacks

Stertil-Koni today introduced five new, air-over-hydraulic jacks engineered for heavy duty applications – notably trucking, transit buses, agriculture... Read more