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Heavy Duty Shop Equipment

Stertil-Koni, the leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts, offers everything a shop needs to accomplish a broad range of maintenance and servicing requirements safely, efficiently and expertly.

Explore our expansive lineup of shop equipment, including Support Stands, Transmission Jacks, Wheel Dollies, Floor Jacks and more.

From superior design and enhanced ergonomics to safety, durability, and high performance, we have it all – so you can have it all.


#1 Comprehensive Shop Equipment Brochure


#2 Portable Air Over Hydraulic Jack


#3 Motorized Wheel Dollies


#4 Motorized Transmission Jacks


#5 Air Over Hydraulic Jacks


#6 Air Over Hydraulic Jacks for G.S.E.



#7 Axle Stands