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The Movable Mobile Column Lifts

The Adaptable Mobile Column Lift

Vertical Lifting Without Overhang Platform SKYLIFT

Heavy Duty Agricultural Lifts

Agriculture Tractor Lift - Heavy Duty Vehicle Lift Inground Piston DIAMONDLIFT

Stertil-Koni has a wide range of lifts for performing maintenance on your agricultural machinery. No more laying under your back to crawl under your combine or tractor - Stertil-Koni lifts allow you to stand fully upright under the vehicle for safe, ergonomic, efficient maintenance. Incredible capacity compbined with industry-leading mechanical locks, built-in synchronization, and overload protection makes lifting even the bulkiest agricultural equipment a breeze. Extra-wide wheel adapters, extended length lifting forks, and frame-engaging front/rear multipurpose adapters help make it even easier.


Agricultural Solutions: Stertil-Koni has developed a number of special adapters and accessories for lifting agricultural vehicles and equipment, including an adjustable wheel clamp, a wider crossbeam, and for a three-mobile-column lifting solution, a special “pin and ball tow hitch.”

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Mobile Column Lifts

  • Can be used in and outdoors.
  • Optimum access to the chassis of the lifted vehicle
  • Multiple axle vehicles can be lifted 
  • Standard adjustable forks so virtually all wheel diameters can be lifted

The ultimate solution for agricultural vehicle and equipment lifting

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