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Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifts: Motorcoaches & More

Stertil-Koni Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifts are the ideal maintenance solution for the busy motorcoach industry. With more than 62 billion passenger miles covered annually by a fleet of just 35,000 motorcoaches, it's no secret that the key to efficient operation is uptime. Motorcoach operators know that keeping motorcoaches out of the shop and on the road is vital to success. 

Stertil-Koni's broad range of ALI-Certified heavy duty vehicle lifts are designed to safety and efficiently raise every motorcoach, from 15-passenger minibuses through 45' deluze motorcoaches, with ease.  From preventative maintenance to urgent repair, Stertil-Koni heavy duty vehicle lifts rise to the occasion.

When there's no room for downtime, rely on Stertil-Koni to maximize your uptime. 

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DIAMONDLIFT Inground Telescopic Piston Lift

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Motorcoach Lift
  • Capacity up to 35,000 lbs. per piston
  • Electronically synchronized for safety and convenience
  • Hard-chrome plated piston rods for durability and protection against corrosion, wear, and debris
  • Hardened, nitro-carburized mechanical locking system
  • All power units and contron components are located above ground for ease of access
  • Low oil volume - 4.5 gallons per piston
  • Aluminum trench covers offer 13,600 lbs. drive-over load
  • ebright Smart Control System 
  • ALI Gold Certification Label


ECOLIFT Inground Scissor Lift

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Motorcoach Lift
  • Available in 2-, 3-, or 4-scissor configurations
  • Capacity of 30,000 lbs. per scissor
  • Wheels-free lifting with superior ease and performance
  • Ultra-shallow 34" pit depth
  • Ideal for retrofit into existing workshops
  • 70" lifting height for advanced ergonomics
  • Electronically synchronized
  • ebright Smart Control System
  • Continuous Recess for flexibility

ECOLIFT Brochure

SKYLIFT Platform Lift

  • True vertical-rise clear-floor platform lift
  • No posts
  • No base frame
  • Surface or flush mounted for installation flexibility
  • Mechanical locking system
  • Capacity up to 156,000 lbs.

SKYLIFT Brochure

Mobile Column Lifts

  • Available in Wireless or Cabled connectivity
  • Capacities from 14,000 - 40,000 lbs. per column
  • Link up to 32 columns in a single set
  • No dedicated bay required
  • Maximium-strength DOMEX steel
  • Industry-leading mechanical locking system
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Adjustable pickup forks
  • ebright Smart Control System

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Stertil-Koni Lifts: Maximizing Motorcoach Uptime

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