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School bus lifts go to the top of the class


Bus lifts are today's lesson. The A+ choice for school bus fleet maintenance facilities is Stertil-Koni, the number one leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts. Safe and durable, bus lifts from Stertil-Koni are the optimal choice for lifting school buses because there is so much riding on them.

Around 480,000 school buses transport 25 million children to school and back from their homes, and to sports, band and other extra-curricular events during the school year.


The school bus industry is the largest form of mass transit in America, according to the American School Bus Council.

From portable lifts such as mobile column lifts to inground lifts, the ECOLIFT and the DIAMOND LIFT – Stertil-Koni rises to the challenge. Take time also to study the Stertil-Koni advantages of SKYLIFT platform lifts and 4 Post lifts for bus lifting needs.

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