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D’Annunzio & Sons Taps HD Lifts from Stertil-Koni

05/30/2017 | 2017

Stevensville, MD, May 31, 2017 – Vehicle lift leader Stertil-Koni today announced that top East Coast-based heavy construction company, D’Annunzio & Sons, has selected state-of-the-art heavy duty lifting systems from Stertil-Koni for its recently completed maintenance shop, which adjoins its new corporate offices located in South Plainfield, New Jersey.

The Stertil-Koni ECOLIFT provides wheels-free lifting via an ultra shallow, full-rise in-ground, and axle engaging vehicle lift


The new, classic brick building for D’Annunzio features a modern maintenance shop with approximately 7,500 square feet of usable floor area, a 1,500 square foot mezzanine for parts, as well as 14,000 square feet of corporate office space – all situated on a 20-acre parcel.

There, the company houses its extensive fleet of several hundred pieces of equipment and on-the-road vehicles. These include earth movers, utility trucks, dump trucks, loaders, backhoes and more, all of which must be ready to go on a moment’s notice to support its extensive range of projects throughout the New York City metropolitan area.

Typically, the jobs are big, very big. Recent examples include infrastructure work at airports, bridges, roads, runways, foundations for commercial buildings, airport hangers, rail yard maintenance facilities, water and sewer transmission facilities and more. And that’s why maximizing vehicle uptime through high-quality maintenance and service is so critical to the company.

Explains John Cafro, Equipment Manager at D’Annunzio & Sons, “D’Annunzio & Sons always bases its choices on quality – with the final, customer project in mind. We have quality people, equipment, and vehicle lifts – all of which positively impact job performance and completion time." 

For its new facility, D’Annunzio & Sons worked closely with Stertil-Koni’s exclusive, New Jersey-based heavy duty vehicle lift distributor, Hoffman Services. 

Pictured left to right: Matthew Morgan, principal at Stertil-Koni distributor, Hoffman Services and John Cafro, Equipment Manager at D’Annunzio & Sons, in front the of two-post Freedom


Headquartered in Newark, Hoffman Services has an illustrious, nine-decade history, dating back to its founding in 1926. Together, Hoffman Services and D’Annunzio & Sons selected an optimal combination of Stertil-Koni heavy duty lifting systems, including:

• ECOLIFT 90, a 3-scissor configuration of the company’s U.S. patented original, ultra-shallow, full-rise in-ground, axle engaging vehicle lift. It provides wheels-free lifting, has a lifting capacity of 90,000 lbs. and combines high pressure, low volume hydraulics while requiring a mere 3.5 gallons of fluid per scissor. It has proved ideal for servicing a broad range of heavy-duty vehicles, including those with low clearance.
• ECOLIFT 60, a 2-scissor configuration of the company’s ultra-shallow, full-rise in-ground, axle engaging vehicle lift, also providing wheels-free lifting, with a capacity of 60,000 lbs.; and
• Freedom Lift SK 2.20, a twin-post flexible, efficient “open floor” two-post lift with a capacity.

Helping to make it all possible was the expertise of Hoffman Services, which specializes in heavy truck lifts, bus and vehicle lifts, 2- and 4- post lifts and drive on lifts. Noted Matthew Morgan, one of the company’s principals overseeing the installation, “We specialize in heavy duty lifting systems and know that quality, reliability, and durability are top priorities for D’Annunzio & Sons. That’s why we are so proud to offer Stertil-Koni lifts – which are an ideal fit for this impressive project.”

About Stertil-Koni
Stertil-Koni, a brand of the Stertil Group, is the global market leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts – bus lifts and truck lifts – and is the preferred supplier to the world’s leading companies in the truck and bus industries. Stertil-Koni's breadth of products meets all ranges of lifting needs and includes mobile column lifts, two post, four post, inground piston lifts, platform lifts, half-scissors and its innovative axle-engaging, in-ground, scissor lift configuration, ECOLIFT. The DIAMOND LIFT is now available in a “frame” version, engineered specifically for concrete foundations and ideal for replacement situations. Stertil-Koni is especially well known for its portable lifts (mobile columns) and high-performance in-ground and platform lifting systems. Stertil-Koni USA is headquartered in Stevensville, Maryland. Stertil-Koni has production facilities in Europe, in The Netherlands, and in the USA in Streator, Illinois.

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