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Stertil-Koni Urges New Administration to Upgrade Infrastructure

11/18/2016 | 2016

STEVENSVILLE, MD November 21, 2016 – Heavy duty lift leader, Stertil-Koni, has called on the incoming administration headed by President-elect Donald Trump to focus on upgrading U.S. infrastructure and transportation in the upcoming term, beginning January 2017. Further, Stertil-Koni urges members of Congress to support public and private investments, and related incentives, to advance public works programs that will create better roads, transportation systems, bridges and jobs for American workers.

The need is pressing. Here’s why: the American Society of Civil Engineers recently gave America a “D+” rating in terms of infrastructure, citing dilapidated roadways, insufficient waterways and "a pressing need for modernization." The group estimates $3.6 trillion would need to be invested into U.S. infrastructure by 2020 just to raise the country's support systems to acceptable levels.

Stertil Group CEO, Ulbe Bijisma (left) and Stertil-Koni USA president, Dr. Jean DellAmore (right) at Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) construction site where Stertil-Koni DIAMOND LIFTS are to be installed in new vehicle maintenance facility.

A 2015 American Public Transportation Association/Mineta Transportation Institute study found that 75 percent of Americans support increased spending on public transit infrastructure. 

The initial plan from President-elect Trump’s 10-year infrastructure proposal will cost $1 trillion, but according to a November 11, 2016, Wall Street Journal article, the president-elect hasn’t specified the source of the funds. That said, the president-elect has vowed that his infrastructure proposal will create “millions” of jobs, likening it to Dwight Eisenhower’s creation of the interstate highway system. Stertil-Koni President, Dr. Jean DellAmore, noted “The stakes are indeed high, but overall if the program is implemented, it will result in a big win for American business and American workers. The reason is clear: It will spur jobs and manufacturing in multiple regions of the country, including the Rustbelt.”

According to Donald J. Trump website, as president, he hopes to:

• Transform America’s crumbling infrastructure into a golden opportunity for accelerated economic
growth and more rapid productivity gains with a deficit-neutral plan targeting substantial new
Infrastructure investments.
• Pursue an “America’s Infrastructure First” policy that supports investments in transportation, clean
water, a modern and reliable electricity grid, telecommunications, security infrastructure, and other
pressing domestic infrastructure needs.

For its part, Stertil-Koni embraces the plan.

“This is an investment in America. Fresh starts are the ideal time to bring on change. I call on the new
administration to focus on infrastructure and transportation. In welcoming the President-elect and new
House and Senate members, Stertil-Koni urges them to focus on investment in the United States
infrastructure,” concluded DellAmore. “This could be a big win for all Americans.”

About Stertil-Koni

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