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Give green a chance: EARTHLIFT, the “bio-mobile column lift”


The heavy duty vehicle lift industry’s 1st “green” mobile column lift – the EARTHLIFT – was developed by Stertil-Koni’s innovative engineers.

When thinking green, think EARTHLIFT. When seeking an environmentally-friendly lift, the EARTHLIFT has components that:

·         Are 98% recyclable

·         Uses biodegradable fluid

·         Features 100% recyclable batteries, and

·         Employs an Active Energy Retrieval System to deliver 35 percent more lifting cycles at maximum load

The EARTHLIFT is a superior solution for saving energy, with the capacity of 88,000 lbs. on four columns, it also comes with a full-color touch screen console – the ebright Smart Control System!

And, it’s a recipient of the prestigious “Innovation Award” from Professional Tool and Equipment.

See, it’s easy being green with Stertil-Koni!

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