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Get Ready to Roll with National Lift Week® Oct. 2-7


Stertil-Koni and its dedicated network of distributors are once again ready to help showcase best practices in vehicle lift safety, service and performance across North America.

The occasion:  National Lift Week®.

The dates: Oct. 2 – 7.

So be a part of history, participate in the six-day event, and advance the conversation about vehicle lift safety, usage, service, and enhancements.

The National Lift Week® schedule of events has something for every maintenance shop:

1.      Mobile Column Monday: communicating the attributes and benefits of portable lifting columns;

2.      Two-Post Tuesday: featuring the benefits of two-post vehicle lifts; 

3.      Wireless Wednesday: demonstrating the attributes and safety associated with wireless vehicle lifting systems;

4.      Earthy Thursday: providing educational material about new initiatives in green vehicle lifting;

5.      Free-Wheel Lifting Friday: exploring lifting systems that provide wheels-free lifting to allow technicians to perform comprehensive vehicle maintenance and service; and

6.      Safety Saturday: presenting multiple approaches to advance shop safety, including third-party lift certification by ALI, the Automotive Lift Institute’s Certified Lift Inspector Program and the importance of regularly scheduled lift inspections.

Check back for more updates on National Lift Week® including participation by our distributor network across the United States and Canada hosting live product demos, hands-on briefings and educational updates associated with the entire range of heavy duty vehicle lifting systems.


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