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10/03/2013 | 2013

Stertil-Koni Launches New Website Specifically to Serve the U.S. Military – www.SKMilitary.com

Stertil-Koni, the leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts -- notably bus lifts and truck lifts -- today announced the launch of a new website, www.SKMilitary.com, specifically designed to deliver enhanced service to members of the U.S. Military around the world. Read more

Stertil-Koni ST 1085
09/18/2013 | 2013

Mobile Column Lifts with Greater Capacity Introduced by Stertil-Koni: ST 1085

The leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts announced the introduction of the ST 1085, low-maintenance and safety-engineered mobile column vehicle lifts. Read more

Peter Haralovich
09/09/2013 | 2013

In-ground Vehicle Lift from Stertil-Koni, ECOLIFT, Customized with New Festoon

In-ground scissor lift installation in Chicago shows the inventiveness of the Stertil-Koni team in action. Read more

Nathaniel (“Nate”) Treen
09/04/2013 | 2013

Stertil-Koni Names Nathaniel Wayne Treen to New Post: CAD Drafter

Stertil-Koni, the leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts – notably bus lifts and truck lifts -- today announced that Nathaniel (“Nate”) Treen has joined the company as CAD Drafter. Read more

mobile column lifts
08/26/2013 | 2013

Stertil-Koni Takes Top Slot in Number of ALI/ETL Certified Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifts

Stertil-Koni, the leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts -- serving municipalities, transit agencies and corporate fleets throughout North America, as well as the U.S Government -- today announced that it taken the lead in terms of the total number of ALI/ETL certified heavy-duty lifting products. Read more

08/14/2013 | 2013

Stertil-Koni Research Shows Next Generation In-Ground Vehicle Lifts Reshaping Bus and Truck Maintenance Facilities in North America

The capital-intensive world of heavy-duty bus and truck maintenance facilities in North America has been quietly undergoing a remarkable transformation in recent years, as evidenced by the growing use of “next generation” vehicle lifting technology –notably advanced, eco-friendly in-ground lifts. Read more

07/09/2013 | 2013

Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifts For Military Applications

As the world leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts, Stertil-Koni proudly supports the U.S. Military by providing mobile column lifts that are ideally suited for servicing light, medium and heavy tactical vehicles both domestically and abroad. Our most popular Military lift is the Stertil-Koni ST 1082—available directly from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Streator, Illinois. Read more

07/08/2013 | 2013

Stertil-Koni Completes Second Phase of Capital Investment Plan at Stertil ALM Manufacturing Facility in Streator, IL

Stertil-Koni, the leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts, today announced that it has completed the next stage of a multi-phase capital investment program designed to enhance both productivity and efficiency at its U.S. manufacturing facility, Stertil ALM, located in Streator, Illinois. Read more

FREEDOM LIFT 2-post lift
07/01/2013 | 2013

Stertil-Koni Introduces Three Additions to New 2-Post Series, FREEDOM LIFT, with Lifting Capacities of 20,000 lbs., 26,000 lbs. and 30,000 lbs.

Stertil-Koni, the leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts -- today announced the introduction of three additional models of heavy duty 2-post lifts in its new FREEDOM LIFT series. Read more

Jay Leno
06/20/2013 | 2013

Jay Leno’s Garage Features Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifts from Stertil-Koni

When it comes to lifting heavy-duty vehicles in Jay Leno’s Garage, there’s one product that’s always up to the task — wireless mobile column lifts from Stertil-Koni. Read more