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AZ-based Valley Metro Modernizes Bus Maintenance

03/11/2021 | 2021

New “Continuous Recess” Feature in Piston Lifts Proves a Real Game-Changer

STEVENSVILLE, MD, March 11, 2021 – With a powerful mission to “connect communities and enhance lives” by providing transit services to residents of the metro Phoenix area, Valley Metro Regional Public Transportation Authority (RPTA) recognizes the importance of being laser-focused on building, operating and maintaining a safe, regional multi-modal transportation system.  

The group’s Mesa location, which operates approximately 100 buses, presents a strong case in point. The city of Mesa, which has a population of more than 518,000, is the largest suburban city by population in the U.S and is a mere 19 miles from downtown Phoenix.

With a sizeable and rapidly growing public to serve, and a stated goal to “advance performance-based operation,” the Mesa location faced a very real roadblock recently – what to do with several decommissioned heavy duty vehicle lifts.

Enter Scott Wisner, Bus Service Delivery Manager at Valley Metro, who noted, “To operate an effective, reliable and high performing transit system like Valley Metro, newer technology in vehicle servicing would be key to our success.”

Following a detailed analysis of top entrants in the field, Valley Metro selected four powerful, hydraulic vehicle lifts from industry leader, Stertil-Koni.

Two of the systems were Stertil-Koni’s popular SKYLIFT – a superior heavy duty platform lift that uniquely provide a “clear floor” concept. The product’s elegant design includes two independent runways, vertical lifting, no crossbeams, no overhang, no base frame, dependable hydraulic technology, a super-safe mechanical locking system and free access to the vehicle from all sides. “In fact,” added Wisner, “one of the SKYLIFTs we selected is a Wash Bay version – which has water-resistant, anti-corrosion, hot-dipped galvanized steel platforms. That is ideal for efficiently cleaning the chassis and undercarriages of our buses.”

The other two lifts chosen by Valley Metro were versions of the widely used Stertil-Koni inground, telescopic piston DIAMONDLIFT.  With a lifting capacity of up to 35,000 lbs. per piston, it is a high-pressure low-volume lift that features electronic synchronization for maximum safety, hard-chrome plated piston rods for superior durability, a mechanical locking system for added safety and a full-color, touch-screen control console. 

“What’s more,” added Wisner, “our version of this lift has a continuous recess movable lifting system.  This significantly reduces setup time while increasing safety.”  Explained Matthias Lennemann, Sales Manager, Heavy Duty for Stertil-Koni, “The Continuous Recess feature in our DIAMONDLIFT permits the lifting bolster to move horizontally anywhere within the range of travel without having to be elevated; and the aluminum trench cover system is maintenance-free, while providing full drive over capacity.  That’s powerful and convenient.”

Making it all possible was Southwest Lift & Equipment, an exclusive Stertil-Koni distributor covering southern California and Arizona.  Headed by its President, CEO and vehicle lift expert, Dean McDonald, the company has established a well-earned reputation for delivering exceptional customer support in all aspects of vehicle lift selection, installation and service.

Concluded Wisner, “Our top priority is to deliver outstanding customer service – every time.  The new Stertil-Koni lifts will definitely help increase our vehicle uptime, maximize shop efficient and play an important role in achieving our near- and long-term goals.”

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Stertil-Koni - proud to be a Buy America company - is the market leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts, notably bus lifts and truck lifts, and proudly serves municipalities, state agencies, school bus fleets, major corporations, the U.S. Military and more. Stertil-Koni's breadth of products meets all ranges of lifting needs and includes portable lifts such as Mobile Column Lifts, 2-post, 4-post, inground piston lifts, platform lifts, and its axle-engaging, inground, scissor lift configuration, ECOLIFT. The company’s innovative, inground telescopic piston DIAMONDLIFT is now available with an optional Continuous Recess system, ideal for low clearance vehicles. Stertil-Koni USA is headquartered in Stevensville, Maryland with production facilities in Europe, The Netherlands, and Streator, IL. 

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