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Stertil-Koni Engineers New Anti-Skid Coating Option for SKYLIFT

07/28/2016 | 2016


Stevensville, MD, July 28, 2016 – Vehicle lift leader and industry innovator Stertil-Koni has just announced the availability of a new textured topcoat option for the company’s true vertical rise platform lifting system, SKYLIFT, engineered to provide a powerful, anti-skid solution.

Consisting of a three-component, tough, epoxy topcoat that is abrasion-resistant, the Stertil Guard Anti-Skid system ensures that its platform runways stay in top condition longer. What’s more, the high solid components combined with fused Aluminum Oxide deliver a “rough” coated surface profile that has exceptional non-slip properties and is extremely resistant to wear and tear.

 Available for order beginning October 1, the Stertil Guard Anti-Skid system can be used in virtually any working climate – wet or dry, inside or outdoors – from extreme heat to sub-zero temperatures. It is also well designed for a durable life expectancy.

Although the coating is barely visible from a distance, it conforms seamlessly to the design of the platforms and packs a big punch. Here’s how it works: the coarse texture of the coating increases friction as each vehicle wheel touches the runway, helping to ensure that vehicles do not shift or slip while on the lift. In addition, the Stertil Guard Anti-Skid system is professionally applied during the manufacturing process; therefore the lifts are ready for immediate use upon installation.

From a broader context, the enhancement comes at a time when maintenance shops are increasingly focused on safety. Noted Stertil-Koni president, Dr. Jean DellAmore, “The new Stertil Guard Anti-Skid Coating is all about safety and reflects our ongoing commitment to providing the very best in safe, durable and efficient heavy duty vehicle lifting systems.”


About Stertil-Koni

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