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05/22/2015 | 2015

Stertil-Koni Celebrates Record Year in Style

Surrounded by turquoise water and swaying palm trees, team Stertil-Koni recently wrapped up its 19th annual distributors’ meeting in stunning San Juan, Puerto Rico. The leader in heavy duty lifts celebrated record high sales for 2014, recognized the outstanding achievements of its dedicated network of distributors, and announced a suite of exciting new products that will take the industry to new heights. Read more

05/05/2015 | 2015

Stertil-Koni Supports Bailey’s Café in the “Lifting” Process

Stertil-Koni, the leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts, has made a $10,000 donation to Brooklyn, New York-based Bailey’s Café, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to providing creative and collaborative environments to the people in communities across New York City. Read more

04/16/2015 | 2015

“Koni” Dog Is Champion Jumper

When Paige Stewart got a yellow lab puppy two years ago, she knew what she wanted to name her Koni, after her employer, Stertil-Koni, the leader in heavy-duty lifts. Read more

04/02/2015 | 2015

SK’s “Chief Photography Officer”

As Stertil-Koni USA’s Chief Financial Officer, Tore Melsom helps steer the rapidly growing business of the leader in heavy-duty lifts. But Melsom also has another role, as Stertil-Koni’s unofficial “Chief Photography Officer.” Read more

03/17/2015 | 2015

Stertil-Koni Account Manager Flies High

As a Stertil-Koni National Account Manager, Rick Palmer is taking the company to new heights. He is used to hanging around the stratosphere, because Palmer is also a licensed commercial pilot. Read more

03/06/2015 | 2015

Vac-Con Joins Stertil-Koni at the Work Truck Show

Standing tall this week at the Work Truck Show is Tom Jody of Vac-Con, a recognized leader in the pumper field and appreciated customer of vehicle lift leader Stertil-Koni. Read more

03/04/2015 | 2015

From the Race Track to the Shop Floor

Peter Haralovich has loved cars for as long as he can remember. As a hobbyist racecar driver and certified performance driving instructor, he likes to go fast and remain in control. Read more

02/19/2015 | 2015

From Stertil-Koni to the Nation’s Library

When Dr. Jean DellAmore isn’t leading a team of talented Stertil-Koni staff in the office or at a job site, you may find him leading a group of visitors through the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. That’s because, since 2005, DellAmore has been a volunteer docent at the nation’s library. Read more

02/18/2015 | 2015

Laughs, Lifts, and Learning at Leno’s

He’s one of the world’s great entertainers, a side-splitting comedian, and a good friend of Stertil-Koni. Yes, we’re talking about none other than Jay Leno. Read more

02/09/2015 | 2015

From Ace Designer to Pro Driver

When it comes to designing the perfect lift systems for Stertil-Koni’s customers, Nathaniel (“Nate”) Treen knows how to get the job done. Not only is he an ace CAD (computer aided design) drafter, but Treen is also a certified commercial driver of trucks and buses, so he knows exactly how big rigs handle. Read more