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10/02/2015 | 2015

More Stertil-Koni Distributors Roll Big with 2015 National Lift Week

National Lift Week starting on Oct. 5-10, 2015 Read more

09/28/2015 | 2015

National Lift Week: Get Ready to Soar!

Stertil-Koni—recognized heavy duty vehicle lift leader—will once again sponsor the event this year, which runs from October 5-10. Read more

09/09/2015 | 2015

Lifting a Fork in a Healthy Direction

In 2008 Joe Palma went to a hospital for some routine tests. The procedure caused him to have a heart attack, at the age of 53. He pulled through and was sent home with a bevy of strong medications to control his blood and heart rate. Read more

08/27/2015 | 2015

In Memory of Clancy Cornell

Clarence “Clancy” Cornell passed away on August 15th at the age of 85, surrounded by his family at home in Clermont, Florida. Cornell had built a successful luxury motorcoach business, ABC Companies, with his family over many decades. Read more

08/03/2015 | 2015

Winning on the Gridiron and in the World of Lifts

As we approach the preseason of the NFL, the tradition of winning on the gridiron and in the world of business is all part of the playbook for leading Stertil-Koni distributor Heavy Duty Lift & Equipment. Read more

07/22/2015 | 2015

Hats off to Southwest Airlines!

Award-winning carrier Southwest Airlines had selected Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts to help service airline vehicles in their maintenance shop Read more

07/09/2015 | 2015

From the Moon to the Triple Crown

Ed Carr has lived a long, action-packed life that has reached many pinnacles of success. He helped lead his family’s Thoroughbred horse racing business to key wins and he helped design the lunar lander for NASA’s Apollo missions. Read more

06/22/2015 | 2015

Lifting Hearts and Vehicles

Sherry Feakes is a champion of lifting. As president of LiftLogic, Inc., she helps customers select lifts that fit their needs for servicing their vehicles. And as a board member of a nonprofit camp, she lifts the spirits of children with congenital heart defects. Read more

06/16/2015 | 2015

Westvac Gives Back to Children of Nicaragua

In April, children in the Nicaraguan villages of Tortuga and Collado squealed as they slid down new slides and clambered over monkey bars. A group of volunteers from Canada had just installed their new playgrounds. Read more

06/05/2015 | 2015

SK Hometown Has Storied History of Transportation

Stertil-Koni USA, the leader in heavy-duty lifts, is proud to make its headquarters in beautiful Stevensville, Maryland. There, the company builds on a long tradition of leadership in transportation based in the picturesque town. Read more