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Snap! Stertil-Koni Announces Photo Challenge Winners!


It was a tight competition – in fact, one that came down to yes, a photo finish.

Here’s the recap: Stertil-Koni laid out the challenge to Distributors and salespeople alike to submit their very best photos and short videos of Stertil-Koni lifts in action and let the best images win!

And submit you did. Thank you!

Following careful deliberations and closed-door balloting (no recount required), our panel of award-winning marketers have studied the elite entries from Round 1 and we are pleased at this time to announce the winners!  

Congratulations Becca, Chris and Shane.  Your awards are being sent now!

And to everyone else who submitted photos and videos to Stertil-Koni Marketing, of which there were many, thank you for suiting up, stepping into the arena and playing in the big leagues.  A big shout out to Brian Myles for his incredible work, as well as Loren Wingenfeld, Robert Stekkinger, and Becky Shay.

But there’s more: We will be announcing Round 2 shortly.  So, stay tuned and keep on submitting to nathan@stertil-koni.com!

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