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Stertil-Koni Lifts Are Even More Adaptable


The platform SKYLIFT is the heaviest hitter in the Stertil-Koni lineup, hoisting an incredible 156,000 lbs. in tandem configuration. Beyond its true vertical rise, crossbeam-free design, and mechanical locks, the SKYLIFT offers a particularly unique party trick:  full wheels-free lifting capability. 

How? Glad you asked. 

The SKYLIFT is available with a variety of jacking beam adapters, purpose-built for wheels-free access of virtually any vehicle. These air-driven hydraulic twin-piston adapters come in three models, with capacities ranging from 26,400 lbs. through 44,000 lbs. Pistons can be operated independently for raising single wheels, and in true Stertil-Koni fashion each piston is equipped with a gravity-engaged mechanical locking system. 

Fairfax, VA based Alan Tye & Associates, exclusive distributor of Stertil-Koni heavy duty vehicle lifts, recently showcased the low-profile jacking beam adapter at work. This F250 SuperDuty's pickup points were difficult to reach, but Alan Tye's team had no issue engaging the proper contact points with the jacking beam adapter. 

Adapt to every lifting need with jacking beam adapters from Stertil-Koni. We Are Heavy Duty. 

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