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SKYLIFT Wash Bay Stems Winter Salt Damage


Winter 2020/2021 has brought record-breaking snow and ice storms, crippling neighborhoods and cities as public works departments work 'round the clock to keep roadways clear. To combat this frozen precipitation, salt spreader trucks have deployed to coat highways in an incredible 40 billion pounds of salt.

While the salt does indeed prevent roads from freezing, state and municipal salt spreader fleets are paying the price - by the end of a day of treating road surfaces, the undercarriages of the rigs will be fully coated in salt. If left to the elements, this salt will rapidly damage the spreader components, brakes, suspension, and frame of these vital vehicles. 

In response, many of the top public works departments across the country have turned to the Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT Wash Bay to help keep their fleets rolling. Offering full vertical rise, hot-dipgalvanized platforms, three-layer MONOPOX® anti-corrosion coating, and a water-resistant stainless steel control panel, the SKYLIFT Wash Bay allows technicians to easily clean the vehicle's undercarriage. Vehicle cleanliness is crucial to maximizing uptime, as clean vehicles are simpler to maintain, more efficient, and far less likely to have an unplanned breakdown. 

Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT Wash Bay:  Maximize Your Uptime

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