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Serious Snow-Moving


As the weather turns cool and leaves begin to fall, the Truckee Tahoe Airport maintenance crew is already looking ahead to the upcoming winter. Why?

Tahoe is a very snowy place.  In fact, it's the fifth snowiest city in the United States.  So, keeping Tahoe's airport runways free of snow can become a daily battle. And that's why snow removal equipment must be ready to spring into action at any time:  Aircraft must have a clear runway for safe takeoffs and landings and support vehicles must be able to access aircraft.

Any lapse in snow removal can mean delays, dangers, or worse. 

To help keep the wheels of progress spinning smoothly during the cold winter months, the team at the Truckee Tahoe Airport has turned to heavy duty vehicle lift leader Stertil-Koni, whose powerful lifting systems can help maintain and service the incredible Larue T85 snow blower trucks used by the airport.  These twin-engine vehicles are enormous -- capable of moving as much as 5,000 tons of snow per hour.

Enter Stertil-Koni Mobile Column Lifts, each with a certified lifting capacity of 18,500 lbs. per column. Once raised, technicians have direct, safe, ergonomic access to servicing the Larue T85's undercarriage components, snow augers, and complex drive mechanisms.

Special thanks to Sacramento, CA-based Municipal Maintenance Equipment (MME), an exclusive Stertil-Koni distributor, for outfitting the Truckee Tahoe Airport with the best in heavy duty vehicle lifts. 

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