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Stertil-Koni Cameo in President Biden Infrastructure Event


President Biden, as part of an effort to advance support for a landmark infrastructure bill, took a virtual tour of the Proterra electric bus manufacturing facility in Greenville, SC.  During the Zoom session, Biden discussed the future of mass transit and the impact of EV technology with Knox White, Mayor of Greenville, as well as Jack Allen, CEO of Proterra, and other top-level representatives of the organization. 

For fans of heavy duty vehicle lifts, Stertil-Koni's wireless mobile column lifts made multiple cameos in the broadcast. Proterra uses these lifts as a core part of their manufacturing and quality assurance program.

Check out the full broadcast HERE on the official White House YouTube channel, paying special attention at 1:29 for Stertil-Koni's first appearance. 

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