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APTA 2021 - That's a Wrap!


The premier event in public transportation has come to a close -- and Stertil-Koni raised its participation to new heights.  Literally.

Many in attendance agreed that the true show-stopper was a brand new Van Hool CX45e pure electric motorcoach, rising well above the show floor on a set of 6 Stertil-Koni EARTHLIFT mobile column lifts.  Very cool!  Featuring biodegradable fluid, recyclable components, and the Active Energy Retrieval System to reduce recharging, the EARTHLIFT is indeed the industry's greenest vehicle lift -- very appropriate for an event that showcased dozens of electric vehicles.

From a broader perspective, the 2021 APTA TRANSform Conference & Expo brought together thousands of top transit directors, suppliers, and manufacturers for three fast-paced days of exploration into the latest in public transit and mass mobility solutions.

For our part, Stertil-Koni hosted a spectacular booth at the heart of the show floor. In addition to our award-winning Mobile Column Lifts, our telescopic piston DIAMONDLIFT stood tall next to our new galvanized inground scissor ECOLIFT, while our true vertical rise SKYLIFT platform lift demonstrations awed the audience. Air pumps churned and motors whirred as others engaged with our display of fully-operational heavy duty shop equipment.

If you missed us this time, reach out! We'll see you all again in 2023, when the APTA Expo returns again to the sunny city of Orlando, FL. 



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