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Robyn Goes Nuts Over Rocky


Robyn CollierStertil-Koni’s animal loving Warranty Coordinator Robyn Collier – whose well-earned reputation for feeding and caring for wildlife around the office park – went a little nuts recently. Stertil-Koni squirrel

She rescued a baby squirrel near a road by the office. The tiny furry critter immediately imprinted on its new “mom,” crawling up Robyn’s arms, around her neck and across her back.

Within 24-hours the cute little guy, now named “Rocky”, was inhabiting a comfy crate. Young Rocky would leave his cage to run and forage, then surprisingly, return to his home.

Robyn knew she could not keep Rocky, so she reached out to a local squirrel rescue organization. Following a long good-bye, Rocky was left with a sizeable family of squirrels and a new caring home.

Well done Robyn!

Rocky squirrel    Stertil-Koni squirrel

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