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Reeder Distributors’ ‘Concept to Completion’ Strategy is the Formula for its Success


When it comes to success, Reeder Distributors Inc. has a formula that has kept them in business for more than 40 years.

As a wholesale distributor of petroleum products, lubricants, and shop equipment since 1976, the Texas-based company practices a compelling ‘Concept to Completion’ approach with its clientele. This strategy is designed to save time and money for customers by ensuring well-planned designs and a highly coordinated construction process.

Left: Reeder Distributors Inc. sells heavy-duty vehicle lift leader Stertil-Koni products in Texas and Louisiana. Here a company truck sits atop the ‘green’ Mobile Column EARTHLIFT

It’s also a blueprint that translates well into the company’s vehicle lift division. For nearly a decade, Reeder Distributors has been committed to the Stertil-Koni brand, selling and servicing the heavy-duty vehicle lift company’s portfolio of world-class products across northern and southeastern Texas and Louisiana.

Moreover, this successful model has rocketed the company’s sales in an upward trajectory for the past five years. In fact, in 2017, Stertil-Koni honored Reeder Distributors with its coveted Aspire Program Award for lift sales growth and a heightened level of performance.

Right: Jason Reeder, Vice President of Operations at Reeder Distributors Inc.

Here’s a quick look at the Concept to Completion methodology:

1.    Meet with the customer to plan the most efficient shop layout, increasing productivity and profits

2.    Use computer-aided drafting (CAD) drawings to create layout designs ensuring customer satisfaction

3.    Assist in layout approval, answering all questions or concerns

4.    Initiate all product orders quickly and make timely deliveries

5.    Install lifts using a factory-trained, qualified service team

In other words, be there for the customer – at all times. Reeder Distributors’ after-sales customer service goes on long after the install. This commitment involves on-time annual inspections, servicing, and maintenance, assuring the equipment is safe and ensuring that lift operators are sufficiently trained. 

Jason Reeder, vice president of operations at Reeder Distributors, sums up the family-owned and operated company’s philosophy, “We strive each day to lead with moral integrity by providing dependable products and services. This all starts with our totally integrated shop, committed and highly-trained personnel, and our extensive equipment and parts department. We will tailor to our customers’ needs, whether it’s a fuel delivery or a lift installation. Reeder Distributors’ aims to exceed our clients’ expectations.”

Apparently, their aim is straight on.

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