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Props to Radu Pop: Named Chair of New TMC Task Force


Radu Pop Stertil-Koni Business Development ManagerCongrats to Radu Pop! Stertil-Koni’s Business Development Manager was recently named the chairman of a new Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) task force. TMC supports the American Trucking Association (ATA) Technology & Engineering Policy Committee with research, analysis, and policy development.

The goal of the task force is to develop a Recommended Practice (RP) for Full-Rise Vehicle Lifting Procedures and Equipment. This marks the first time a vehicle lift company will chair and submit materials focusing on the benefits of heavy duty vehicle lifts when servicing or maintaining vehicles.

According to Pop, “Being a TMC Member for five years, plus attending various technical sessions, helped me to realize that more emphasis needs to be put on technician safety and comfort. While technicians receive a lot of training and specialized tools for their jobs, the majority of them still work in confined spaces, either on creepers under partially-jacked vehicles or in pits.”                              

Pop added, “The bottom line is to have service techs realize the benefits of safe and efficient vehicle lifting systems. At the end of the day, safety is mission #1.”

The task force, comprised of trucking industry and education professionals, will develop guidelines to assist shop managers in choosing the appropriate full-rise lifting equipment for their type of vehicles and maintenance operations.

Roll on, Radu!


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