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Alan Tye & Associates: Train to Gain


ATA Service TechsHow does a leading Stertil-Koni distributor expand on its dominant market position? Alan Tye & Associates (ATA), a Fairfax, VA-based heavy duty vehicle lift company, has the ticket.

ATA continuously invests in training its technicians, which in turn dramatically boosts the overall customer experience.

Example: ATA recently concluded a training session on the importance of safety, best practices andATA Service Techs essential OSHA topics. Classroom time was devoted to HazCom, outlining procedures to communicate essential safety concerns on the shop floor, as well as fall protection, inventory tracking systems, a cloud-based mobile application used for service calls, ALI processes and how to safely use forklifts and aerial lifts.

ATA training classNoted Alan Tye, President of ATA, “Educated technicians deliver experienced technical support and service. Deep product knowledge, mastering new technologies, plus the ability to relate to customers is core to the ATA curriculum.”

And, that’s how Alan Tye & Associates rolls.

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