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Three blondes for Ganny Collier


Collier grandchildren First, there was Payton, then came Jayden, and on September 17, Anna Belle Grace joined the family at 11:40 a.m. Robyn Collier, warranty coordinator at Stertil-Koni is now the proud "Ganny" of three beautiful little blonde-haired girls.Collier grandchildren

She says they each have their distinct personalities. Payton, almost 10, is a fun, smart child, who likes to stay active. Jayden, almost 2, is her little “monster”, who seems to be into everything. Anna Belle, although too young to display any specific personality traits, has joined what Collier calls her grandchild trio, “Monsters Inc.”

“Both girls love to hold her and Jayden is always sharing her toys,” says Collier. “Payton would hold her all day if she could.” 

Collier’s son Charles (Chuck) and his wife, Jessica (Jess) are thrilled with their newest daughter, noting she was 9 lbs. 1.6 ounces and 19 Inches when born. But big runs in the family, as Anna Belle’s father, came into the world at 9 lbs.10 ounces.

Congratulations to all!


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