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Sunshine, Eatin’ Crabs and a Great Time


With mallets cracking and knives mining the hard shells encasing a Chesapeake Bay bounty of sweet white meat, Stertil-Koni employees, family, and friends were recently treated to a feast fit for King Neptune.

On a cloudless, bright sunny afternoon, the Stertil-Koni family came together to celebrate summer and camaraderie over an abundance of local cuisine. Stertil-Koni employees at Kentmorr







A crab feast was to be enjoyed by everyone, the tall and the small!

During a two-hour period, more than 70 Maryland blue crabs had been piled high between the three paper-covered tables.

Each time a load of shellfish was dumped in front of diners, within seconds, the sound of banging on crustaceans took over. Not a claw was left when all was said and done.

It was the second summer outing for the Stertil-Koni family. In July, many attended an Oriole MLB baseball game and received give-a-way O’s jerseys and a rare 1-0 victory. 

This day was definitely another win for all. Crab feast Robyn and family

“Families matter at Stertil-Koni,” notes Dr. Jean DellAmore, president of Stertil-Koni USA. “These outings are a time for employees to unwind, relax and spend time together and with their families. Every person around these tables is an excellent example of a hardworking and dedicated team member. That’s why Stertil-Koni is the leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts, and I greatly appreciate their efforts.”


  crabs at KentmorrDave and JoannaDave and Eric  




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