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Stertil-Koni on the Move!


Peter Bowers at APTA expo 2017Pack light, travel fast. That’s what it’s like when Stertil-Koni team members hit the road to take care of business – and with good reason.

 Customer service has always been at the forefront of the heavy-duty vehicle lift leader’s success.  So, being able to mobilize on a moment’s notice comes in handy.

Consider Peter Bowers, who has perfected the art of business travel. During his 21 years at Stertil-Koni as technical sales support manager, Peter has made an art form of packing on the fly when duty calls.

 What’ s more, Peter, who is considered by many in the industry to be one of the most knowledgeable experts in the field of heavy duty vehicle lifts, excels at custom lift installations and also coordinates Stertil-Koni’s presence at some of the largest trade shows in the country, such as the American Public Transportation Association's (APTA) Expo.  

When working with end-users, he says it’s important to put a face to a voice on the phone. “When I meet customers face-to-face, they are swayed by Stertil-Koni’s understanding of their business and needs,” Bowers adds he’s always prepared when he walks out his door. “I thoroughly review where I am going and what I have to accomplish when I arrive.”Peter Bowers travel companion

Peter Bowers stuffed animal friendAn avid reader while on the road, he occasionally finds time to visit local thrift stores for his next tome.

But his biggest joy is returning home to his family. 

Bowers recalls, “When my daughter was younger, I could always count on a stowaway in my luggage. Lisa (his wife) and Elise would pack one of her small stuffed animals into my luggage. Elise’s furry friend would share my trip and I would send pictures back of how we spent our time together.”

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