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Stertil-Koni: Always Prepared to Meet Our Customer’s Needs


Matthias Lennemann, heavy duty vehicle inground lift manager at Screven School SystemWhen Matthias Lennemann travels across North America for Stertil-Koni as its heavy-duty inground lift sales manager, he is well-prepared for the end game, whether it be construction meetings, sales training or presentations.

For Lennemann, nothing replaces face-to-face time. It doesn’t matter where he travels, he says it’s essential to meet customers in person.

Matthias at bay bridge run


Above: Inground Lift Sales Manager Matthias Lennemann travels to Screven School District in Georgia to ensure the installation of Stertil-Koni's piston lift, the DIAMONDLIFT is precise

However, before an encounter occurs, there is much preparation that takes place in order to learn about the facility, such as the types of vehicles they have, tasks performed at each location, input from the local Stertil-Koni distributor and customer preferences.

All of Lennemann’s research helps him ensure that Stertil-Koni finds the best solution for each customer’s unique situation.

Above Right: Lennemann, always ready for a new challenge, has not only completed the “Across the Bay” 10K but kept a warm smile on his face – reflecting his positive outlook on life.


For instance, before an inground lift is installed, Lennemann makes certain he has a place at the table during pre-construction meetings on through actual construction, confirming that the work is done in accordance with the customer’s expectations and the lift’s requirements.

Lennemann's practice of preparation is born from his personal life, too. He believes eating the right foods and fitness leads to functioning at a higher level at business meetings.

 Matthias Lennemann and familyIn conclusion, Lennemann adds, “Traveling is always hard on the body, even if you’re used to it. I think trying to stay as healthy as possible on the road ensures you’re at peak performance once you get to the meeting, presentation, or whatever it may be.”

Meticulous preparation is why Stertil-Koni remains the leader in heavy duty vehicle lifting systems and is key to job and customer satisfaction, creating a win-win situation. 

Above Left: The Lennemann family is all smiles at a Stertil-Koni Christmas event


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