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Looking Sharp and Stepping Out in Style


When one thinks of heavy-duty vehicle lift leader Stertil-Koni, hydraulic lifts, inground, platform, Studivant, Stertil-Koni and mobile columns come to mind. But one night a year, lifts take a back seat to Stertil-Koni's annual gala.

There was no paparazzi or red carpet during the evening, but Stertil-Koni’s distributors' social event brought out the "best in dress" from its attendees.

Women, adorned in sleek black and stark white evening gowns, colorful show-stopping garb, and dresses embellished with flourishes and sparkles made a stunning statement. Sharp dressed men donned ties, tuxedos and bow ties to make their own declaration.


First-time attendees “Stu” and Valerie Studivant played the match game with dress, shoes, and tie – coordinated into a collective classy look.USA Lifts, distributor meeting, Stertil-Koni

 USA Lift’s Zon Haralovich with his lovely wife Angie, who slayed an off-the-shoulder white dress.

Lenny Nemec, Stertil-Koni, distributor meeting

Lenny Nemec, with Alan Tye & Associates, and his wife Debbie sparkled in blue. A silver wrap highlighted her navy fitted dress, while Lenny’s tie bound the couples’ ensemble together. 








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