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It’s Raining Puppies


Stertil-Koni puppiesIf it’s April, it must be puppy month at Stertil-Koni. Four members of the company’s team have been showered with a total of five new additions to their families: Winston, an English Springer Spaniel, Rocky, a miniature poodle and three Yellow Labrador Retrievers, Brandy, Goldie, and Daisy.

Robyn Collier, warranty coordinator, started the trend when her cousin’s dogs had a litter of nine yellow labs – seven girls and two boys. The three 11-week-old Stertil-Koni labs are all female. Stertil-Koni puppies, Daisy








Her son Chuck Collier, whose dog is named Daisy sometimes visits the company’s warehouse with her sisters. His motivation is crystal clear: These pups are adorable and he and his wife wanted a pup to grow up alongside his 16-month old daughter, Jayden. And then there’s warehouse manager, Dave Ziegler, who has always wanted a Labrador retriever and shares Brandy (right photo) with his daughter Emma, a part-time intern at Stertil-Koni. And Robyn just loves dogs. Her pup Goldie is now a playmate for her five-year-old Black Lab, Princess.

Stertil-Koni puppiesThe only male in the crowd, Winston, belongs to Cindy Koene, who is a prominent player in the Accounting Department at Stertil-Koni. The 13-week-old spaniel follows Cindy wherever she goes when everyone is lucky enough to have him visit. Cindy tells our news team that her family got the little brown-speckled fellow as a companion to their Boykin spaniel, Ranger. Winston has become an energy generator for Ranger; the six-year-old is more active, playful and curious since his little friend arrived.

But there’s more: Operations Manager Paul Marks and his wife have a 13-week old pup. Rocky stays at home with his wife, Marlene. The miniature poodle is a “spitfire,” says Paul. Two-year-old Teddy, their other poodle, is actually Rocky’s brother – same parents – 2 litters apart. The two brothers often play. Paul says “the little guy is the instigator, but they play well together.”Stertil-Koni puppies




Filled with sisterly and brotherly love, these five young dogs really are part of the growing Stertil-Koni extended family.  

So if you’re planning a visit, bring treats!

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