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Feldman vs. Nature: An Epic Trek to Great Heights


On a recent July weekend, Stertil-Koni Marketing Director Paul Feldman spent a Saturday on a Rocky Mountain High. High elevation that is, by tackling a 117-mile bicycle journey with 10,000 feet of climbing in a single day from Evergreen to Avalon, during the 30th annual Triple Bypass Colorado.

Recognized as one of the premier cycling events in the nation, the day-long trip included three exceedingly demanding mountain climbs that were packed with cyclists pedaling to elevations approaching 12,000 feet.

This wasn’t a race, it’s more of an individual mental and physical challenge. Beginning at 5:30 a.m. 3,500 bikers traversed through scenic Squaw, Loveland and Vail Passes steadily climbing to where the sky meets the treeless tundra. Then down steep mountainsides, tightly gripping handlebars while descending at speeds of up to 50 m.p.h. 

Feldman, an ardent cyclist and passionate health and wellness devotee trained for the event for months. He typically logs seven to 10 rides per week. But for this arduous ride, he took his training to new heights.

Noted Feldman, “Physical and mental preparation is key. To get ready we rode the rolling hills of Southern Maryland, the sustained 19% grades of the Catoctin Mountains in Thurmont, plus the highlands of France and the beautiful Skyline Drive in Virginia.”

Equally important while training and riding are nutrition and hydration.

“I have learned over time that the original PED -- performance enhancement diet -- consists of a whole-food plant-based diet with plenty of hydrating fruits. Equally, import is the camaraderie. The best part is riding with friends and freedom-minded adventurers who worked as a team,” adds Feldman.

Proceeds of $2.5 million from the Triple Bypass went to local non-profit volunteer groups that help produce the event as well as non-profits such as Special Olympics, Vail Mountain Rescue, Kiwanis and many others.

Sponsored annually by Colorado-based Team Evergreen, the non-profit plans to host its 31st event on July 13, 2019.

So, hop on your bikes and start your training now! 

Check out a fast-paced video here


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