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Family Matters: Congrats Emma!


Emma Ziegler, Dave ZiegelerA familiar face around the Stertil-Koni, Stevensville office will soon be lifting spirits and her education in a new environment.

We’re talking about Emma Kathryn Ziegler, daughter of warehouse manager David Ziegler, a vibrant part of the Stertil-Koni family who has recently graduated high school and is college-bound.

Emma, at the tender age of 7, first came to work with her father when the local school district declared a delay due to dense fog.  More and more visits occurred, and she became a welcomed guest and big contributor in the office and warehouse.

The precocious child spent mornings running around the office, playing video games on her dad’s computer and delivering items to employee mailboxes.

To occupy herself, Emma drew artwork for operations manager Paul Marks, Stertil-Koni president Jean DellAmore, warranty coordinator Robyn Collier and administrative sales manager Kellie Boehm, to decorate their spaces.

“I remember making posters for Christmas for people’s offices and being there for every Christmas celebration ever since my dad started at Stertil Koni,” says Emma.Emma Ziegler, Dave Ziegler

 Around the time she turned 13, Emma began helping out the front office by filing and assisting accounting manager Cindy Koehn. “Once I started learning the business more, I would help with the actual paperwork and upload into the online system,” Emma says.

Her organizational skills shined brightly as a high school intern with Stertil-Koni’s Marketing Team, where she conducted numerous research projects and systematized the stockroom. Ordering bins, collecting and filing hundreds and hundreds of brochures used by the sales department, turned into quite a feat and fete! Thanks to Emma, Stertil-Koni employees now enjoy easy access to its literature and can quickly find key items in a snap!

Emma’s presence delighted her dad. “It’s been amazing having my daughter here with me,” adds Dave. “I could see her more often. It makes me proud to see her learn the different parts of our company and, how it has shaped her future plans to pursue a career in business.”

“Being here at Stertil-Koni really helped me to develop a good work ethic. Because of my time spent in the accounting department, I now plan to pursue accounting as a profession,” adds the now 18-year-old.

On May 31, 2018, Emma Kathryn Ziegler graduated from Kent Island High School. She will spend her summer working in the hospitality industry and preparing for college in the fall as an Accounting major. Her goal is to earn her CPA and then obtain an MBA in Finance.

Emma adds, “I would like to thank everyone at Stertil Koni for welcoming me with open arms and allowing me to grow up here and work alongside everyone. It’s been a great experience, and now onto the next chapter of my life!”

Congratulations Emma, you are always welcome here!

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