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Spectacular Video Showcases ST 1130 Mobile Column Lifts at Work at One of World’s Busiest Ports


We could go on and on about Long Beach Container Terminal Corporation (LBCT), a leading provider of transportation and logistics services, whose mission #1 is achieving optimal performance and efficiency.

And how the California Corporation’s mission became Stertil-Koni’s objective.

Or how the new ST 1130 mobile column lift features a lifting capacity of 29,000 lbs. per column, or 116,000 lbs. for a set of four. And, they are engineered to deliver extremely high-capacity lifting, along with added productivity, efficiency, and durability. 

And, that LBCT recently purchased ST 1130s for its new fleet of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

But why read about it? Let us show you. We have a spectacular video ready for you to view on how Stertil-Koni met LBCT’s #1 goal.


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