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Not Your Father’s HD Truck Lifts!


If you think heavy duty truck lifts haven’t changed much over the years, think again. Stertil-Koni’s portfolio of heavy duty vehicle lifts feature some dramatic advances that make lifting even more safe, productive and efficient than ever.

 Check it out:

·        From inground DIAMONDLIFT and it optional new continuous recess system to ECOLIFT’s ultra-shallow design and washbay option, service shops gain both wheels-free access and dependable, safe and efficient heavy duty lifting capabilities.

·        Our SKYLIFT, with optional runway lighting, is truly “clear floor” with no cross beams or obstructions between lifting runways allowing maintenance techs a clear view of the vehicle.

·        The 4-post lift is an ideal, easy drive-on, drive off lift that can handle a variety of wheel bases for a broad range of heavy duty trucks.  And, the ST 46,000 can lift a whopping 132,000 lbs.  That’s big.

·        And, the always popular portable Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts, now with the touch screen ebright Smart Control System, can be moved by a single tech indoors or out, for superior lifting anywhere you need it.              


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