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Hoffman Services Inc.Builds a Vibrant Community via Social Media and Data Analysis to Lift Sales


In the more traditional world of heavy duty vehicle lifting systems, Stertil-Koni’s New Jersey-based exclusive distributor, Hoffman Services Inc., has taken a decidedly modern approach to expanding its business.

While personal relationships and reputation are always key, Hoffman Services Inc. has also developed a refined expertise in social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and website design to further build its business and contacts.

Hoffman Services Inc. principals and social media team, left to right: Matthew Morgan, Lauren Hill, and Benjamin Morgan.


And, results from the company’s innovative, sustained and focused work on the digital frontier are paying dividends. Two decades after Hoffman Services Inc. originally launched its website, the company have cultivated a steady clientele through its online presence – including Facebook – which now totals over 4,000 followers.

It’s all part of the Hoffman Services Inc. approach, which at its core is centered on building a community, and then leveraging social media resources and its website to stay in close contact with its growing client base. It’s also all about family – working hard, together and smart.

“Louis, our grandfather started this company many years ago, then passed it on to my father (Larry), and now to Matthew and myself. We are simply keeping up with the times, and it's paying off. We started with social media six years ago and saw the immediate impact it can have on business,” notes Benjamin Morgan, a principal at Hoffman Services Inc.

The Morgan siblings evaluated its options in the world of social media and decided Facebook was the best fit for the industry. Matthew Morgan, a principal at Hoffman Services Inc., handles photography and deliveries from the field as well as the website and LinkedIn – another targeted outlet to network.

Benjamin Morgan also provides photography from the field and does field installations. He is the content creator for Facebook, including subjects, writing posts, and incorporating enhanced photographs. Sister, Lauren Hill, CFO/media director, handles final content approval, editing, grammar, tagging and posting of the content. 

Hoffman Services Inc. Facebook page shares information about the company, its clients, and new products.


Adding to the company’s online presence, YouTube videos are utilized to garner attention to Hoffman Services Inc. By engaging in social media – Facebook, website, YouTube, and LinkedIn – Hoffman Services Inc. has built a towering, digital presence – one that has taken years to cultivate. Here’s how explains Benjamin Morgan:

1.    “A measurable amount of new business comes from our online presence and social media. Nowadays, everything is available on the Internet. It is a vital resource. We receive phone calls and emails daily that say, ’Hey we found you online...;’ or ‘I just saw your Facebook page...’ 

2.    “In the field, we use our online presence to show our current customers as well as potential clients, what is happening at Hoffman Services Inc.”

3.   “We suggest that customers and clients like our Facebook page so that they receive updates about Hoffman Services Inc.”

To complement its online presence, Hoffman Services Inc. website prominently features the Stertil-Koni USA product line and via Facebook, they are tagged in nearly every one of their Stertil-Koni USA specific posts.

“We are building a community, and we want to drive business to Stertil-Koni’s Facebook page and their website right alongside our business. We work hand in hand with Stertil-Koni USA, on a daily basis; when we receive an endorsement so do they,” notes Benjamin Morgan.

Bringing a more personal approach to reach clients via Facebook, their recently introduced legacy interview series has generated a 1,500 percent increase in traffic. With the long history of Hoffman Services Inc. – being the oldest lift company in the world, since 1926 – the company felt it important to show potential clients and current customers who they are and where they come from. 

But photographs and content are just the beginning. Monitoring and staying on top of social media trends helps Hoffman Services stay current. Lauren Hill uses collected data to closely monitor whether searches are organic, best times to post, locations and more.

“We believe that the only way to stay relevant is to pay attention to trends in communication. This is the way people communicate now. Sure, there is value in monitoring blogs, white papers, etc., and we considered all that, which is why we have chosen in this tech age to utilize social media alongside our company website, as fully as possible,” concludes Benjamin Morgan.

Website: http://www.hoffmanservices.com/industry-solutions/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HoffmanServicesInc/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-morgan-a133b712/



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