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DIAMONDLIFT Virtual Reality Debuts at APTA Expo – Industry First


Stertil-Koni brought more than its lifts to the triennial APTA Expo in Atlanta this month. The company debuted an exciting innovative approach to visualize heavy duty vehicle lifting via virtual reality (VR) – an industry first!

Attendees wearing VR goggles looked high, low and all around a virtual maintenance shop complete with  Stertil-Koni’s inground telescopic piston-style lift, DIAMONDLIFT in action and up close.

Check it out: down into the pit, looking up below the vehicle and exploring all aspects of this heavy duty vehicle lifting product.

Now this experience can be yours, as Stertil-Koni debuts its virtual reality DIAMONDLIFT video on its website.

Check out Stertil - Koni’s 30th VIDEO here

No need for goggles!


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