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Stertil-Koni Mobile Column Lifts: Miraculously Moveable!


Need to lift a heavy duty vehicle on short notice? Indoors? Outdoors?

We’ve got your lift! Stertil-Koni wireless mobile column lifts are perfectly portable, miraculously mobile.

What’s more, the lifts can be positioned by a single operator and raised with the touch of a button.  And, all lifting information is at your fingertips, courtesy of our ebright Smart Control System – a full-color, 7” color console.

Plus, if you need to wash a vehicle, these lifts are water-resistant, too.

There’s more: with no power or interconnecting communication cables necessary, set-up time is a snap.

We could go on: All of the company’s mobile column lifts feature state-of-the-art hydraulic technology, featured a mechanical locking system for added safety and are manufactured with high quality, high tensile DOMEX steel for maximum strength, and deliver fast lifting and lowering.

So the next time you need a truly mobile lift, go mobile, go wireless! See why Stertil-Koni’s wireless mobile column lifts are ideal for your busy shop.

Above and Right photos: Outside or indoors, mobile column lifts are perfect for everyday heavy vehicle lifting needs.

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