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Stertil-Koni Offers Exciting New Products


At the company’s 20th annual distributor meeting in beautiful Burbank, California, Stertil-Koni announced several new products that are sure to energize the heavy duty vehicle lift industry.

“We just had an amazing meeting, with unanimous participation for the first time ever,” said Stertil-Koni President Dr. Jean DellAmore.

“It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the past 20 years, rising to the top of the heavy duty lift industry,” he added. “And now we are poised for 20 more years of growth.”

Among the new products the team is most excited about are the ALI-certified DIAMOND LIFT with frame version and a special new automotive adapter for mobile lifts.

“The DIAMOND LIFT with frame is a great retrofit solution, so the customer can use an existing pit and install a brand new lift with minimal construction,” said DellAmore.

Left: Diamond Lift Frame Version

The new lift is engineered specifically for concrete foundations and can offer a substantial cost savings for many customers.

One of the company’s hottest selling products, the DIAMOND LIFT family comes in two- and three-piston configurations, with a total lifting capacity of 64,000 pounds or 96,000 pounds, respectively.

The lifts are electronically synchronized for maximum safety and convenience and are built with rugged, hard-chrome plated piston rods for maximum durability.

Another exciting new product is an automotive adapter for Stertil-Koni’s industry-leading mobile column lifts. The new adaptor allows operators to lift a vehicle from the front and rear of a car’s undercarriage, leaving the wheels fully free. This allows technicians to change tires, work on brake lines, or other tasks, unencumbered.

“For many of our customers who have four mobile column lifts, they can now lift two cars at once,” said DellAmore, noting the added benefit. 

“We strive to provide the most innovative products, backed up by the best customer service,” he said.

Front & Rear Lifting Adapter

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