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Lifting Hearts and Vehicles


Sherry Feakes (left) is a champion of lifting. As president of LiftLogic, Inc., she helps customers select lifts that fit their needs for servicing their vehicles. And as a board member of a nonprofit camp, she lifts the spirits of children with congenital heart defects.

Feakes is a leader in an industry that has traditionally been dominated by men. At Portland, Oregon-based LiftLogic, she oversees a wide territory of beautiful country that includes Alaska, Idaho, Western Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Northwest Wyoming.

In her role, Feakes serves as an exclusive distributor of Stertil-Koni, the leader in heavy duty lifts.

“Selling lifts is a bit of an oddity for a woman, but sometimes that has also made it easier for me to get my foot in the door,” said Feakes, who has run the business with her husband, Jerry, for more than 15 years.

“Jerry and I work together, which means we have a great time traveling throughout such a beautiful territory,” she added.

Feakes also keeps busy as a grandmother of eight. One of her grandchildren was born with a major congenital heart defect 10 years ago.

Sherry Feakes with husband Jerry

But thankfully, “Casey has had many heart surgeries and is now a stable, happy boy,” said Feakes.

Casey’s health struggles led Feakes to get involved with Oregon’s first summer camp for children that have stable congenital heart issues. Feakes has served on the board of directors for Merry Heart Children’s Camp for three years, where she has been a very active fundraiser.

The camp is set in a beautiful natural area near Mt. Hood in Oregon. It is a place where children with heart conditions can come laugh, play, and experience the outdoors, in a safe, nurturing setting that is overseen by pediatric cardiologists. The camp gives children a welcoming environment to explore, and parents the peace of mind knowing their kids are well looked after.

In addition to her work with the camp, Feakes serves as an elder in her local church. She also sews quilts for shut-ins and children in need and enjoys a local book club. With her husband, she loves exploring the outdoors, camping, and bird watching.

Feakes is proof that lifting is about more than vehicles; it’s also about lifting the spirits of her community.

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