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Laughs, Lifts, and Learning at Leno’s


He’s one of the world’s great entertainers, a side-splitting comedian, and a good friend of Stertil-Koni. Yes, we’re talking about none other than Jay Leno (left).

So, it was a real treat recently when Jay Leno’s Garage served as the venue for a Stertil-Koni West Coast Distributor training session.

Jay Leno's garage

Our group of approximately 15 gathered at Jay Leno’s Garage recently near LA to train on the new Stertil-Koni ebright Smart Control System.

It consists of a full-color touch screen console outfitted on all new Stertil-Koni wireless mobile column lifts and is engineered to provide intuitive, ease-of-use with maximum visual information about the lifting process – all at the fingertips of the technician.

Jay showing the attributes of a steam-powered car

Peter Bowers led the training event for Stertil-Koni. 


Learning the ebright Smart Control System

A special thank you goes to Jay, who entertained the group, gave us a hands-on demo of his fabulous steam engine, and kept all of us lift-lovers laughing out loud.




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