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From the Race Track to the Shop Floor


Peter Haralovich (left) has loved cars for as long as he can remember. As a hobbyist racecar driver and certified performance driving instructor, he likes to go fast and remain in control.

When Haralovich was a young man, he parlayed his passion into a successful career as a German car mechanic. He owned his garage.

But Haralovich took his job to the next level 30 years ago, when he went into the performance lift business.

“I had bought lifts for my garage, and the productivity increased dramatically, so it made me a believer in what lifts could do,” said Haralovich.

He founded USALIFT.com, a Bloomington, Indiana and Chicago, an Illinois-based company that distributes Stertil-Koni’s industry-leading heavy duty lifts in the Midwest.

Haralovich still puts time on the track through the Porsche Club of America, where he enjoys racing with other Porsche enthusiasts in Indiana, Ohio, and elsewhere.

Vehicles range from classic Porsches of the 1960s to the latest racing models that aren’t even street legal. Sometimes, those cars are on track at the same time, keeping drivers on their toes.

Haralovich also enjoys sharing his love of the road with others as a certified performance instructor. By teaching others, he can share his love for high-performance driving by introducing novices in a safe, controlled environment.

“A good racecar must be safe, reliable, and deliver high performance,” said Haralovich. “The same is true of lifts, and that’s why I sell Stertil-Koni because they are the best in heavy duty vehicle lifting.”

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