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DIAMOND LIFT Shines in Georgia


A busy school district can have a lot of lifting needs, from 72-passenger school buses to pickups. The Screven County Schools in eastern Georgia is no exception.

But now things have gotten a little easier for the talented technicians there.That’s because the school district just received a Stertil-Koni DIAMOND LIFT, installed by Heavy Duty Lift & Equipment, Inc. of Buford, Georgia.

The high-pressure, telescopic in-ground piston DIAMOND LIFT has a capacity of 64,000 lbs. for a two-piston configuration and 96,000 lbs. for the three-piston version.

Ian Merrow of Heavy Duty Lift & Equipment said the school’s fleet team needed a versatile lift that would seamlessly handle a range of different vehicles. Ian noted that  customers particularly appreciate the wheels-free access to the vehicle and the fact that no accessories are needed for different vehicles or different service tasks. (That’s freedom of choice!)

The Screven School District is also taking advantage of DIAMOND LIFT’s automatic wheelbase positioning system, which allows them to program 16 different vehicle wheelbases into the lift’s memory.


This particular DIAMOND LIFT was installed using a spread footing, which reduces installation cost and time, in contrast to a grade beam installation. That saved the school district, even more money. The DIAMOND LIFT’s structural steel cassette is what allows for the utilization of this type of install.

Ian added that thanks to Stertil-Koni’s new DIAMOND LIFT, “we now have every type of heavy-duty vehicle lift that any shop would ever need.”

And, with its new facility and DIAMOND LIFT, the Screven County Schools maintenance team is definitely able to roll a lot more efficiently these days.

Left: “It has a touch screen that allows them to pick the specific vehicle they want and the lift automatically adjusts to fit that particular wheel base,” said Merrow. “That saves them time.”

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