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Heavy Duty Transmission Jacks

Transmission removals can be daunting. Simplify the task with a durable and reliable Stertil-Koni heavy duty Hydraulic Transmission Jack. Our Hydraulic Transmission Jacks are engineered to safely facilitate the removal of transmissions as well as other unwieldy undercarriage components while reducing the physical toll on the shop tech.

Transmission jacks are designed to facilitate the removal of transmissions as well as other under chassis components.  Ideal when servicing all heavy-duty vehicles. They can be used in conjunction with above ground lifts or in below floor pits. 

TJ Series Features:

+ Easy to use manual hydraulics, foot activated
+ Galvanized support saddle and base frame
+ Precise adjustment for positioning of transmission
+ Hand-operated dead man’s release for optimum safety when lowering
+ Built-in overload valve
+ Sturdy swivel castors for stability and maneuverability

Heavy Duty Transmission Jack

transmission jacks stertil-koni






TJ Series Brochure


Motorized Transmission Jack Features:

+ Full hydraulic operation: compressed air or battery powered
+ X-style base frame for additional stability and access to under chassis components
+ Lifting speed of 30” per minute
+ Compressed air model includes regulator, filter, and lubricator
+ Battery model includes smart charger
+ Hand pump to fine-tune positioning
+ Large support table with bidirectional tilt with nylon retaining straps
+ Tilt up to 12 degrees
+ Swiveling locking rear wheels to facilitate narrow radius turns

Heavy Duty Transmission Jack  transmission jack stertil-koni

SKTJ Series Brochure