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Pit Jacks, Single or Twin Ram

pit jack single or twin ram Stertil-Koni


Stertil Koni offers 6 models of pit jacks.  3 tandem ram models and 3 single ram models.  Both models are available in capacities of 22,000 lbs., 33,000 lbs. or 44,000 lbs. 

  •  Smooth air/hydraulic operation with built-in overload protection
  •  Rams can be controlled in tandem or individually
  •  Simple ergonomic design with control panel at comfortable working height
  • Support trolley fitted with leaf springs for easy relocation
  • Support frame designed to meet specific shop configuration
  • Various contact adapters to support a wide range of lifting applications. 

Pit Jacks, Single and Twin Ram are available from Stertil-Koni. Call us today at 800.336.6637 or contact your local Stertil-Koni distributor.

Pit Jack Brochure