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“Koni” Dog Is Champion Jumper


When Paige Stewart got a yellow lab puppy two years ago, she knew what she wanted to name her Koni, after her employer, Stertil-Koni, the leader in heavy-duty lifts.

Koni as a puppy, with proud owner Paige Stewart

At the time, Stewart was working as a marketing associate, though she has recently transitioned into logistics at Stertil-Koni’s USA headquarters in Stevensville, Maryland. In her current role, she makes sure Stertil-Koni’s industry-leading lifts reach the company’s customers as efficiently as possible.

On weekends, Stewart has another role: as a trainer of Koni. Her pet is a champion dock jumper, a sport in which dogs leap into the water. They are judged on how far and high they jump and how quickly they can retrieve an object. And Koni, true to her namesake, excels in all categories.

Koni, the jumping dog

Koni recently won first place in speed retrieval at the Easton, Maryland Waterfowl Festival. Stewart grew up going to that festival and always enjoyed watching the dogs splash into the water.

And Koni “loves to run and jump,” Stewart adds.

Koni is so good at the sport that she has a corporate sponsor and was recently featured on the cover of Dogs Unleashed magazine.

Sometimes Koni comes into the office with Stewart, where she is a hit with Stertil-Koni’s other employees. At other times she relaxes at doggie daycare nearby, “where she is spoiled rotten,” says Stewart.

Like Stertil-Koni, Koni the dog is a leader in her field and a positive inspiration in her community. And she sure can lift into the air.

Koni, the jumping dog

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